Aircastle Limited Review 2019 [It’s Scam or Legit One?]

Aircastle Limited Review 2019: Aircastle is a multinational organization operating in the leasing of Jet aircraft to airline companies. It has been operational for 15 years.

The prime investor for Aircastle Limited is Marubeni Corporation. Jet Airways, West Jet and Jet star are among more than 85 clients of Aircastle. Over the years Aircastle has focused on providing its investors with a stable flow of dividends.

Aircastle Limited Review 2019

Aircastle Limited Review 2019


Exceptional growth – In the last ten years Aircastle’s assets have grown over 75%. Their fleet has also grown by 100%, growing from 129 to 261. This is an exceptional achievement and very few in the airline industry have been able to achieve this.

Good Credit Rating – Recently the company’s credit rating has been upgraded to BBB-, this is a very stable credit rating and has inspired new investors.

Good service rating – The moody’s investor service rating has also been upgraded to Baa3, this is a rating followed closely by high scale investors. This is a good rating given the risks involved in aviation.

Global presence – Aircastle is active in over 40 countries. Very few other aviation industry players have been able to achieve such heights. This makes Aircastle especially attractive to investors who have Global interests. Aircastle is always working toward increasing its global presence.

Efficient Management – The senior leadership of Aircastle is highly experienced and has been with the company for a long time. The management comprises of aviation experts, financial experts legal experts all dedicated to achieving the company’s goal. The management is always available for its clients and is always answerable to its investors, and has never failed them in the past.

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Regular dividend payout – As of Dec 2018, Aircastle has paid over $857 Million in dividends. Since 2011, Aircastle has multiplied its dividend payout by 9 times. Such a stable dividend payout is rarely witnessed in the aviation segments, especially with harsh market conditions.

Stable asset growth – As mentioned earlier Aircastle’s assets have grown from 4.45 billion dollars to 7.87 billion dollars. This also contributes to a very stable credit rating. In the aviation industry, an increasing credit rating is a very lucrative investment frontier as returns have a lower risk.

Growth Expectations – The first quarter of 2019 the lease rental revenue is expected to be 185 million dollars. This is expected to grow to 250 million by the end of 2019. Aircastle has consistently fulfilled such market expectations.

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Aircastle Limited is a safe bet for investors looking to invest in a long term company. The stable and formidable increase in revenues and asset value of the company is enough to show that the company is very focused on providing the investors with regular dividends. Its global presence is growing and it is one of the few industries which has survived through tough market competition.

Aircastle is now a prominent name among airlines looking to lease aircraft and is slowly but surely working its way toward becoming a top player in the aviation leasing segment. The company has a very strong track record and over the last 19 years has not given its investors reasons to worry about its future. Overall this is a secure bet for investment. (Aircastle Limited Review 2019)

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