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Here is the top method to contact a company where the first one is you can directly visit their official address and meet with the company’s representative face to face.

The second and most comfortable option is you can call the company on their USAA Contact Number and interact with their customer care executive.

The third way is official wherein you want everything in written via Email and each everything will be written and you will able to use that as proof as well.

Due to high member demand, Mondays are our busiest days. For faster service, the best days to call are Tuesday through Friday.

USAA Contact Number


USAA Contact Number

So, these are the top ways, which we have covered and updated here for you. Our ultimate goal is to provide you option so that you can pick the most suitable option as per your requirements.

Customer Care, Toll-Free Number, Helpline Number

If you want to call them, just dial helpline number from below.

  • 210-531-USAA (or 210-531-8722)
  • 800-531-USAA (or 800-531-8722)

Hours of Operation – Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Loans, CDs and USAA Web BillPay® Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Loans, CDs and USAA Web BillPay.

  • Monday to Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. CT
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT

If you want to send them messages, copy the link and paste into your browser.

  • Link – https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_logon/Logon

If you want to send them Fax, here is the Fax number.

  • Fax Number: 800-531-5717

If you want their address where you can meet them face to face.

Mail Deposits

9861 Attn: Bank Priority Mail
USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78284-8426

Federal Express Package Delivery Expedited Mail Carrier, USPS Express or Certified Mail

USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78230

If you want their routing number, here is the routing number for you.

  • 314074269

Major reason will be to call them related to the Banking, Accounts, Auto, Life Insurance, Claims, etc

So here is the exact process you will need to know before you call on their helpline number.

Website Technical Support (1)

800-531-8722 (800-531-USAA)

Welcome to USAA. Okay so I can get you to the right person please tell me the account type, say insurance, checking, savings, credit card loan or just say the account type you want.


OK insurance and which is that for? Claims auto, property, life, Medicare supplement or help?


I will connect you to a representative; your call may be monitored or recorded for verification and quality assurance. We would like your feedback about your experience with USAA today by asking a few questions after this call; would you like to participate?


Thank you for calling USEA this is XXXXX speaking; how may I help you? (a real person)

Website Technical Support (2)

1-877-632-3002 (24/7)

Welcome to USAA, to reach an extension press the pound key

if you are a USAA member please say or enter your USAA or social security number.

I am not a member

Alright, you are not a member, for information about becoming a member say membership information otherwise simply tell me what you need?

for example, say file an auto claim or verify coverage

You can say the product or account type you are calling about like auto insurance or checking or settings like membership information, verify coverage, claims auto repay off or verify funds.

Other USAA Contact Number

Financial Planning: 1-877-314-2255

Roadside Assistance: 1-800-531-8555

Source: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/ContactUsBank

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Life Insurance Company of The Southwest Reviews

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest

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Benefits of Life Insurance Company of the Southwest

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