SUNY Student Loan Service Center [Everything You Need To Know!]

SUNY Student Loan Service Center – The State University of New York is known by giving one of the best education among many public institutions. It has hundred thousands of students enrolled from all over the world at the campuses which are all over the state. It has many institutions and universities across the state.

Are you one of the lucky people who has chosen for the State University of New York but doesn’t know how to continue your education with the low budget? It sounds like you might need a student loan. But how or from where? We will explain you everything you need to know about SUNY Student Loan Center in this article.

SUNY Student Loan Service Center

SUNY Student Loan Service Center

How to Apply?

SUNY Student Loan Center (SSLC for short) are there to help students from all over, the world. First, you need to have an account on the SSLC website to find a matching borrower for the loan. After you have an account the system will ask you to upload some documents and according to those documents you will be the potential borrower before the semester start.

There are a couple of loan choices in SUNY Student Loan Center, you can apply for the Perkins Loan Program or Health Professions and Nursing student loans according to your situation. After you find the perfect option that fits you very well you need to wait until the semester starts.

But do not forget, once you leave or finish the school SSLC will communicate with you about the repayment. Though it is nice to get a loan and not worry about it when you are studying, you should always remember that there will be a repayment which you should totally respect for.

If you are from another country besides America, you should check the SUNY Student Loan Center in your country. They are mostly related to other government schools in your country so the SSCL that you will go to changes depending on your country that you applied from.

Once you apply to the SSCL they will ask for some information about you and after you give all the information that they need they will contact you again to tell you about loan repayment. After you got the loan your information will be given to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS for short) and they will follow your loan payment status until you are graduated from your school.

Before you go you also must have the information about the State University of New York’s campus policy and also New York tax law. Please click the following links for more information about the tax law and campus policy. SUNY State-Operated Campus PolicyNew York Tax Law Section 686

If your loan is not enough for your expenses you can always apply for private loans additional to SUNY Government Student Loans. Or you can ask from your parents to have Direct Parent Loans. For more information for the repayment or your loan status, you can contact with the SUNY Student Loan Center in your country or the ones in the state.

Title – SUNY Student Loan Service Center

Car Loan Denied After Signed All Papers [Everything You Want!]

Car Loan Denied After Signed All Papers – Imagine your biggest nightmare. You go to buy a brand-new car, go to a dealer, find the perfect car for you and your family, you decided to take a loan and everything goes smoothly, you pay the down payment, take the car and go home but next day you learn that your loan is denied.

Your car dealer is making the 15th call to you and wants his car back and you must take the car back to him with a broken heart and you learn that you cannot even get the total amount of money you paid for that car just 1 day ago. Or worse, your dealer is forcing you to sign for a bigger loan and you do not know what to do.

Car Loan Denied After Signed All Papers

Car Loan Denied After Signed All Papers

Yes, it is absolute nightmare to some of us. But sadly, some unlucky people have to go through this situation in real life. There are numerous cases that car loan denied after signed all the papers.

What is the reason?

There can be many reasons led to this horrible situation. First of all, there is a big chance that this is because of your dealer. While waiting for the loan answer most of the dealers are afraid that they will lose the customer ones the customer go out from the store.

So sometimes even though they do not have the exact answer for your loan they may tell you that it is approved and after you sign everything and leave your old car there, they deal with the finances. Usually, it works but sometimes it does not. Since they cannot fix the situation you got an information about the denied car loan.

If your car dealer calls you and ask for more money to fix the situation or force you to pay another loan which has relatively bad conditions you definitely have to check your sales papers. There is an information about how long the dealer has time to set up the loan.

There is usually a time limit and after passing this limit dealer has to take the car back and you can take your down payment back. But there is a chance that you might not get back the taxes you already pay for. And sometimes the dealer can ask you the money of the miles you used the car (if you used the car for 4 weeks for example)

What you can do also is to find the loan money from another source if possible and pay to your dealer. This way you will not lose any tax money, or you will not have to pay more money to the dealer for the miles that you have driven with that car.

Also, there is a chance that there could be a mistake so you can try to be optimistic about the situation because a lot of things could have happened in the dealer or the bank that dealer agreed for the loan so it would be good to investigate the situation and talk with your dealer as soon as possible. And for those who are not in this situation, “car loan denied after signed all the papers” nightmare will always be on your mind when you are buying a new car.

Title – Car Loan Denied After Signed All Papers

Loans for People on Disability [Everything You Need To Know!]

Loans for People on Disability – Most of us face several difficulties at some point our lives. Health problems, financial instabilities, student loans etc. This is the part of life that we embrace and we face the problem and try to solve it and usually we succeed it. But for the people with mental or physical disabilities life is surely more challenging.

Most of the people with mental or physical disability having trouble for finding high income jobs and support themselves, paying medical bills or even go to college. So, in this article, we will tell you everything in to be known about the loans for people on disability.

Loans for People on Disability

Loans for People on Disability

First of all you need to be over 18 years old to apply for any kind of loan and you must prove that you are eligible for the disability loan by having a health certificate verifying your disability condition from, hospital or from a reliable source. Also, good credit record and stable income is necessary. It does not have to be high, it will be fine if it is just stable and you do not have any unpaid debts. After that you can apply to many loan types.

Government loans: Government has loan options for people on disabilities also. To apply you need to check government loans website and see the conditions if you are eligible or not. After you prove your disability and make your application you will receive monthly checks which are very reliable.

Personal loans: there are several organizations which unite landers and people with disabilities. After you got a match you are informed and start to get your loan from the perfect lander according to your need.

Loans from banks: Going to the bank always the safer option. If you are older than 18 years old and already have an income it is easier that banks would consider as an eligible person for is the loan. Of course, fort his your credit score is also important but after you achieve these banks have also many loan options. For example, for, car, medical expenses or mortgage.

Business loans: Like it is mentioned life is a bit more challenging for the people with disabilities, so it is not always easy for them to find a job. People with physical disabilities cannot usually work in standard work places, construction sites or whatever other challenging places according to their disability.

So, if your disability makes you the work difficult in traditional ways, sometimes the best option is to create a business for yourself. This is an opportunity to start your business and employ yourself. For business loans you can contact with Small Business Administration.

If you are a disabled person life is much more difficult for sure but by using these tips you can get a verified disability certificate from a hospital and apply to many loan types. After applying one of the many choices of loans for people on disability your life can get a little bit easier.

Title – Loans for People on Disability

Best Private Student Loans 2018 [Everything You Need To Know!]

Best Private Student Loans 2018 – Due to the rising cost of college millions of students are seeking out for private student loans each year.  Through scholarships, grants, and federal student loans options are the best ways but they usually are never enough and reliable like private student loans.

You can compare the best private student loans below to best eligibility options and lowest interest rate. In regard to following options, having good credit or worthy co-signer can upturn your chances of getting the lowest interest rates.

Best Private Student Loans 2018

Best Private Student Loans 2018


Credible is not a lender in itself rather it’s a connection platform that lets you access estimates from many willing lenders on your interest term regarding the amount to borrow and repay deadline. Instead of seeking out for reliable student load, you can find out your eligibility with lenders terms through a single form.

Since Credible permits you to apply with a co-signer, it’s not necessary to fulfill all the eligibility requirements to get ahead. If you find the terms suitable for yourself, continuing your application is usually trouble-free. Just select your optimal offer and fill up the application on the lender’s site.

If you are not interested in any offer there’s no compulsion to move on. Credible propose free service and its lender never charge any kind of fees or pre-payments fines, so there seems no risk to check more about the offer


  • Min Loan Amount: $1,000
  • Max. Loan Amount: Varies by the lender
  • APR:  3.69% (As low as)
  • Interest Rate Type: Variable
  • Minimum Loan Term:  5 years
  • Maximum Loan Term: 20 years

Eligibility requirement:

Before you get in to find our rates, you must make sure to match the following basic requirements:

  • If you are younger than 18 you must have a co-signer.
  • At least half-time of enrolment is required in qualifying US educational program.

Benefits and drawbacks of credible student loans


  • You can reach multiple lenders with one application.
  • No hidden fees or veiled interest payments
  • Responsive customer support service
  • Using Credible won’t cost any bucks and you can reach multiple lenders for free.


  • Selections are limited
  • Involvement of many lenders may delay the process
  • No guarantee till last verification
  • Private loans don’t include any income-driven repayment plans

Lending Tree

LendingTree is an online platform that can connect you with lenders who fund student loans for undergraduate, graduate, associate’s degrees and Ph.D. as well. But you need to have good credit to grip the best rates. The wide-ranging webs of lenders inside LendingTree’s mean that you have the maximum chances to get approval for loans.

At first, you need to fill up your personal information along with the cost of tuition fees. Then LendingTree forwards the information to its lender’s network and guides you back to those loan offers you’re likely to be eligible for. If the loan gets approved, the lender will ask for documentation to verify the institution you had enrolled or plan to enroll.


  • Starting APR: 3% (As low as)%
  • Loan amount: Varies by the lender
  • Loan terms: 0 years
  • Co-signer: Required
  • Repayment options: Varies by the lender

Eligibility Requirement

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must have eligible expenses from a credited school
  • Must have good credit or apply with a co-signer

Benefits and drawbacks of LendingTree


  • Plenty of options
  • Co-signers will also work in case you don’t meet all the eligibility criteria
  • Large loan amounts


  • Multiple calls from other lenders
  • Hard inquiry on your credit report for verification
  • Interest rates on private student loans are much higher

Title – Best Private Student Loans

Yakima Federal Savings and Loan [Everything You Need To Know!]

Yakima Federal Savings and Loan – Based in Yakima, Washington, Yakima Federal Savings was founded in 1905 and currently operates ten branches statewide. The organization provides banking services to its patrons, including saving, checking and market accounts, deposit certificates as well as private retirement accounts.

Lending lines are available for the standard variety of consumer loans, and they also provide ATM services, wire and telephone transfers, direct deposit, and automatic payment options.

Yakima Federal Savings and Loan

Yakima Federal Savings and Loan

As of August 16th, 2018, Yakima Federal Savings unveiled a new mosaic made to order by Tieton Mosaic, as part of the Facade Improvement Grant Program funded by the Downtown Association of Yakima.


Yakima Federal Savings is the 7th largest bank in Washington and the 456th largest bank in the United States. The money market rate is three times the national average at 0.54%, and the organization has been awarded a reputable A health rating. Additionally, all accounts are insured by the FDIC.

Recent History

As of August 11th, 2018, Sonia Rodriguez True was elected to the board of directors of Yakima Federal Savings. A resident Yakima attorney and former city council member, Sonia served in Yakima County Superior Court as a pro-term commissioner and possesses experience from several other boards.

On November 20th, 2017, a Yakima Federal branch became the second subject of a string of robberies. The perpetrator, identified as Moises Marquez, was apprehended shortly after the third robbery. Authorities stated that Marquez handed the tellers of all three banks a note which demanded cash.

Leanne Antonio became the eighth president and first female CEO of Yakima Federal Savings when Former President, Mike Gilmore, Retired in 2016. Upon reflection in her new office, Leanne noted she “enjoys working with numbers, but people are what [she] enjoys most,” while overlooking Yakima Avenue.

Charitable Giving

This Friday, October 26th, Virginia Mason Memorial’s annual Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon, a fundraising event collecting donations and raising money to pay for new and upgraded equipment for intensive care, pediatrics, and therapy programs. Yakima Federal Savings is sponsoring the event alongside a variety of local and global organizations.

Yakima also set up a donation location for the US Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program of 2016.