TAL International Group Inc Review 2019 – talinternational com

TAL International Group Inc Review 2019: TAL International Group, Inc. was set up in 1963, marketing in the segments of intermodal freight equipment leasing and naval container management services.

The two operating segments in the company are Equipment Leasing and Equipment Trading. TAL International has 17 offices globally and over 200 third-party container facilities in 40 countries.

TAL International Group Inc Review 2019

TAL International Group Inc Review 2019

The company’s fleet includes over 2 million TEU containers, open tops, flat racks, generator sets, and chassis. In July 2016 the company merged with Triton Container International to form Triton International, the largest container leasing company with a market share of over 25%.

The world’s largest – After the merger in 2016, TAL has become the world’s largest lessor of intermodal containers. It is also the global leader in container sales and boasts a wide variety of container and chassis types.

Spacewise UK containers – Spacewise UK Containers is a fully owned subsidiary of Triton International Ltd. The company is dedicated solely to operations in the UK and specializes in customized containers.

Types of containers – TAL International Group Inc. provides multiple types of containers including dry Freight containers, refrigerated containers, special containers (Oversized and Heavy cargo), chassis (Used for Road transport of containers), tank container (used for Liquids and Chemicals).

Types if Equipment – TAL also provides ship and port equipment used for handling of containers. The company has a dedicated segment dealing with generators required for logistical support to containers.

Area of operations – TAL International is primarily engaged in leasing and sales of various types of maritime containers. They also provide lease and purchase of allied equipment. They also engage in logistical advice.

Growth – Triton International has grown at a steady pace as the maritime logistics industry has flourished. In 2017 it generated a revenue of 1.2 billion USD. In 2018 it generated a revenue of 1.43 billion. This is a 19% growth in revenues and is a testament to the quality of services offered by the company.

Global Presence – The company has a prominent global presence. It is the world leader in its industry and has offices in over 11 countries. It has the ability to provide services in over 40 countries through these offices. TAL has plans to expand further and the recent merger with Triton in 2016 has given it a stronghold.

Community Awareness – Triton and TAL International Group Inc. are very pro awareness and have taken efforts through CSR activities to spread awareness among global citizens. They have started and funded near Purchase, New York. They are staunch supporters of the organization “Doctors without Borders”. They are also world leaders in spreading awareness about the environmental effects their industry has.


TAL International Group Inc., now known as Triton International, is the world leader in leasing and selling various types of containers used in marine transport. They contribute over 1/4th of the market share in the industry.

They are very committed to maintaining client confidentiality and have been in the market for a very long time. They have been growing steadily and the merger has put them at the top of the logistics industry.

Safety Insurance Group Inc Review 2019 – www safetyinsurance com

Safety Insurance Group Inc Review 2019: Safety Insurance Group, Inc. provides private passenger and commercial automobile insurance to a varied clientele. The company was formed in 1979 and was formerly known as Safety Holdings Inc.

The company changed its name in April 2002. The major area of expertise the company operates in is Property and Casualty Insurance. It has mainly ventured into vehicular insurance and property insurance. It has not tapped into the lifestyle segment as much.

Safety Insurance Group Inc Review 2019

Safety Insurance Group Inc Review 2019

Private Passenger Automobile – The Company’s passenger automobile insurance is its prime product. This segment provides coverage for bodily injury and Third-party property damage, personal injury coverage for the insured as well as insured’s car occupants, and physical damage coverage for an insured vehicle against collision and other perils.

Commercial Automobile – This policy provides insurance cover against collisions or other perils subsequent to the ownership or use of commercial vehicles in the business. It offers insurance for commercial vehicles used for business purposes, the requirement for qualifying as a vehicle used for business is that it should be on the books of business or should be registered against a business. In addition to the above, it provides all cover provided by the private passenger automobile policy.

Homeowners – The Company offers a collection of policies for qualified policyholders. Homeowners policies provide coverage for losses to a residence and its contents from several perils and covers for liability to others arising from possession or habitation. It writes policies on homes, condos, and flats.

Business Owners Policies – The Company assists small and mid-sized commercial organizations with a program that covers flats and residential condos, commercial establishments, including restaurants. Offices including office condos; processing and service businesses; special trade contractors, and whole selling businesses.

Nature of business policies – Business owner policies provide liability and property coverage for perils, including business disruption from a protected loss. Equipment failure coverage is routinely included, and a range of additional coverage is available to qualified clienteles. It writes policies for business owners at normal rates with some risks receiving lower rates.

Inland Marine – Safety Insurance Group is one of the few companies that offers inland marine coverage. This policy is offered as an add-on for all home-owners and commercial business policies, and as part of its commercial package policy. Inland marine policies provide extra coverage for jewelry, fine arts, and other valuable items that home-owners policies or commercial policy would limit or not cover.

New ventures – After December 2016, the company has started covering watercraft which are small in size. These are limited to 32 feet in length and the top speed of 39 knots. This new addition to the already varied policy choice has put Safety Insurance Group Inc at a very safe spot in the insurance industry.

Growth – Safety Insurance Group, Inc. has been among top rankers in the industry for a long time now. The company has always strived for excellent investor return and complete client satisfaction. In the last decade, the company has grown over 26% in asset size. In the last decade, the stock price of Safety Insurance Group Inc. has gone up 300% and is stable.

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Safety Insurance Group, Inc. is a very good company to invest in. The company has always looked for innovation and development in its sector of the industry.

Their dedicated management and sales teams have proven the worth of the company through the rise in stock prices and regular dividend payouts. The company is slowly planning to expand its business to a nationwide scale.

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019 – www rgare com

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019: Ever thought about how it would have been like for a company which has been consistently in the list of the Fortune 500 companies for more than five times – almost nine times to be exact? If you haven’t we have some details of one such company for you.

The Reinsurance Group of America – Incorporated (NYSE: RGA) – This is a holding company for the purpose of global life and health reinsurance entity based out of Greater St. Louis which lies within the western suburb of Chesterfield, Missouri, United States.

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019

As of December 31, 2016, Reinsurance Group of America has approximately assets of $53.1 billion and $3.1 trillion of life reinsurance in force and thus, Reinsurance Group of America has grown to become the only international company which focuses primarily on life insurance and health-related reinsurance.

General American Life Insurance Company (GA) former general American Reinsurance – a reinsurance division in 1973 – and this acted as the forerunner to Reinsurance Group of America. GA’s reinsurance division, by 1993, had grown its life reinsurance to $114.7 billion.

General American Company acquired the life reinsurance business which National Reinsurance of Canada offered and it was later renamed to General American Life Reinsurance Company of Canada – thus establishing the first international office. The Canadian business eventually became Reinsurance Group of America Life Reinsurance Company of Canada after the Reinsurance Group of America’s initial public offering (IPO).

Established in 1992 in Missouri, Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA) was initially formed as a holding company for General American Life Insurance Company’s U.S. and Canadian reinsurance businesses. In 1993, Reinsurance Group of America was taken public by IPO on the New York Stock Exchange with General American retaining their 65% share.

Reinsurance Group of America’s business includes living benefits reinsurance, life reinsurance, group reinsurance, financial solutions, health reinsurance, and facultative underwriting. Reinsurance Group of America also provides selling of bank assurance and offers product development, electronic underwriting, risk management, and client training services.

Currently, the CEO of Reinsurance Group of America is Anna Manning who is also the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Cincinnati Financial Corporation. This firm deals with the sector of financials and it covers the industries of Insurance: Life, Health (stock).

Like it has already been said, the HQ Location of Reinsurance Group of America is at Chesterfield, Mo. The web site of Reinsurance Group of America can be accessed at www.rgare.com. Reinsurance Group of America has been on the Fortune 500 List for 9 times. The current number of Employees of Reinsurance Group of America is 2,640.

That being said, you can yourself look at the plethora of services that Reinsurance Group of America offers. There is no doubt why this organization is setting up high standards amongst all other firms in the domain of Finance.

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There are values which can be emulated form Reinsurance Group of America, processes which can be implemented across all Finance and Insurance related domains and facilities which can be replicated across many such organizations only for the betterment of the customers.

Reinsurance Group of America is a model organization and we hope it continues to be an inspiration. (Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019)

Private Bancorp Inc Review 2019 [Scam Or Legit?]

Private Bancorp Inc Review 2019: PrivateBancorp Inc. was incorporated in 1989 to provide Specialized Finance services. The organization was taken over by a Canadian banking company by the name of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), in the year 2017.

This was the second move of a Canadian banking giant into American markets. PrivateBancorp Inc. is now known as CIBC US.

Private Bancorp Inc Review 2019

Private Bancorp Inc Review 2019

The scope of services – PrivateBancorp Inc. is involved in the provision of financial service and assistance over a large variety of areas. It is a nationwide presence in consumer banking and has ample stake in industrial finance. They also have a varied international interest in infrastructure and agricultural development.

Types of deposits – The organization gives demand deposits and interest-bearing and non-interest time deposits as well as savings deposit accounts, these depository services can be availed by all consumers. The bank also offers include jumbo deposit and retail time deposits, these types of deposits are for industrial or commercial investors and generally involve large sums of money.

Types of Loans – PrivateBancorp Inc. provides its clients with various types of loans. Commercial, industrial, consumer, real estate and various types of leases too. It offers consumer loans which include credit cards, revolving credit loans, and automobile loans.

Purpose of loans – PrivateBancorp Inc. offers real estate loans for landscaping, infrastructure development and construction of industrial, commercial, residential, or farm buildings in the United States. It is one of the few banks that invests in farm constructions. The company also invests in financial asset acquisition loans.

International Operations – The company also provides financial assistance and loans to non-US governments and countries for agricultural development and production. The organization also allies with local financial institutions to provide finance at the grassroots level.

Asset Status – Before acquisition by CIBC the total assets of PrivateBancorp Inc. stood at 17.7 billion dollars. The asset pool was very healthy and is one of the major factors that promoted CIBC to acquire PrivateBancorp Inc.

Important events – Last year CIBC created the NA innovation team that was able to acquire the loan assets of Wellington Financial Fund. A year before that, they acquired the Geneva Advisors, which was a Chicago based private firm.

Special Recognition – It was recognized by Bloomberg as one of the strongest players in the banking sectors by Bloomberg. This led to high investor interest and an increase in value and goodwill of the company.

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PrivateBancorp Inc. now functions under the name CIBC US and is a very stable bank in North America. It has grown at a steady pace and it has been projected to do so in the foreseeable future. Although the name of the bank has changed, their operations and management teams have stayed almost unchanged.

The acquisition was not hostile and was smoothly processed over 4 years. The major goal to be achieved through the acquisition was faster business expansion and growth in market share. This has been a constant goal of the organization since its foundation in 1989. PivateBancorp Inc. is a very good option for Investors as well as clients.

Northwest Bancshares Inc Review 2019 – www northwest bank

Northwest Bancshares Inc Review 2019: Northwest Bancshares Inc. is also commonly known as the Northwest Bank. Northwest Bancshares Inc. is actually the holding company of the Northwest Bank.

It was founded in 1896. Since then it has grown into a huge organization through the acquisition of other banks and companies. Today it is operational in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio.

Northwest Bancshares Inc Review 2019

Northwest Bancshares Inc Review 2019

Consistent growth – Northwest Bank has grown slowly and consistently through multiple acquisitions over the years. It has acquired the majority of the small banking players in Pennsylvania and is now looking to expand into neighboring states.

Sources of funding – Since the company is not too large, it depends primarily on the deposits it accepts under personal and business deposits for the majority of the funding.

Types of personal deposit (checking) accounts – The bank provides Zero balance checking accounts. Zero balance checking accounts do not receive any interest on the amount deposited into the account. The with interest checking account has a minimum balance of requirement of 1000 dollars average daily balance. If this isn’t maintained a monthly charge of 10 dollars is levied. Both types of accounts have 50 dollars as their minimum opening balance.

Personal Saving options – Northwest Bank provides its clients with multiple options when it comes to personal savings. These range from certificates of deposit to retirement annuities. It also has a money market deposit account, which allows the consumer to earn interest according to the size of the investment. The larger the deposit, the higher the rate of interest.

Business Checking – There are four checking options when you opt for a business checking account with Northwest Bank. All of them require an initial deposit of 100 dollars. They are split into two types, low volume, and high volume.

Checking accounts for high volume businesses. These are no minimum balance accounts and have a higher limit for a number of transactions. Although no interest is paid to such accounts. Interest-bearing business checking accounts. The interest-bearing account has a minimum average daily balance requirement of five thousand dollars.

Another business checking – Northwest Bank also provides checking accounts at minimal charges to non-profit organizations and local governments and school districts. These are interest-bearing accounts and do not have high minimum balance requirements. These accounts also come without a transaction limit allowing the organizations to work freely and efficiently.

Operational Area – Northwest Bank provides one-to-four family residential construction loans, short-term consumer loans, multi-family residential property loans, and commercial real estate loans.

They also provide commercial business with small finance and residential mortgage loans; home equity credit, and consumer loans comprising automobile, sales finance, unsecured personal loans, and credit card. The bank also provides loans secured against deposit accounts.

The extent of operations – Northwest Bancshares Inc. has 172 operational branches in the USA. These are fully functional and allow inter-branch account operations. The management has plans to expand further.

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Northwest Bancshares Inc. is a holding company that has expanded through the acquisition of other financial organizations in the area. This is like an investor’s paradise. The growth of the bank leaves very little doubt about the capability and efficiency of the bank and its management. This is a perfect example of “slow and steady wins the race”.