First Financial Corp Review 2019 [Scam or Legit?]

First Financial Corp Review 2019

First Financial Corp: The first financial corporation was founded in 1982. It is a holding company that provides multiple financial services through its subsidiaries.

The most prominent subsidiary of the corporation is the First Financial Bank N.A. and the company also provides portfolio management services through two specialized subsidiaries.

First Financial Corp Review 2019

First Financial Corp Review 2019

Lending – The Bank’s has a very varied loan provision capacity. The loan portfolio includes commercial loans for small to mid-sized businesses, residential loans for construction or acquisition of properties and consumer and personal loans.

Mortgages – The bank provides retail real estate mortgages to its clients and these are generally secured by one- to four-family residences, these properties are generally owner-occupied.

Consumer loans – The Bank’s consumer portfolio primarily consists of home equity loans and lines, secured loans, cash and certificate of deposit (CD) secured. Secured loans are also given against vehicles including boats and motorcycles. The company also provides unsecured loans. At the end of December 2016, the loans given out by the bank stood at $1.83 billion.

Investment – The bank is a regular investor in mortgage-backed securities the Government provides. It also invests in collateral mortgage securities provided by the state and other corporate entities. As of December 2016, the total investment in such financial vehicles was about 854 million.

Deposits – The Bank offers numerous types of deposits, such as non-interest-bearing and interest-bearing demand deposits, savings deposits, time deposits. Time deposits are generally $100,000. At the end of 2016, the Bank’s total accepted deposits were 2.43 billion dollars.

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Other sources of funds – The bank has occasionally borrowed from the Federal home loan bank and has short term borrowings including the federal fund’s purchased and repurchase agreements.

Area of operations – The bank is mainly active in Indiana and East-central Illinois. It is headquartered in Indiana. The bank has a total of 66 branches and has plans of expanding further in Illinois. The Company also provides services through more than 100 FirstPlus ATMs.

Growth – The First Financial Corporation has grown several times its original size through acquisitions and expansion plans. It has acquired multiple financial institutions and is venturing into the advisory field. It has paid consistent dividends and the stock has grown from $26 to $42 in the last decade.

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The Financial First Corporation has been serving the community for over two decades and has grown at a steady rate. The company’s stock has been stable over the last decade.

The First Financial Bank N.A. has been noted as one of America’s top 100 efficient banking operations. This is a corporation with long term objectives. The corporation is expected to grow and is looking for investors to expand its business.