Great Lakes Student Loans Customer Service [with Address & Number]

Great Lakes Student Loans Customer Service: Helping children to get financial stability on their future path, Great Lakes play a vital role. When you are involved in the process of payment or repayment and you find any difficulties then get help from Great lakes student loans customer service.

Whatever the issue may be Great Lakes representatives are always there for you. But if you have already spoken to the representative and not got any satisfies answers then you can straight away file a complaint in the contact us page on our website. If there are any formal complaints, then send a letter to us at our official address.

In this letter you can explain brief about your query, inform them properly about incorrect credit report, debt report etc. You can also send documents with them that support your letter.

Great Lakes Student Loans Customer Service

Great Lakes Student Loans Customer Service

Apart from filing a complaint there are many other ways to contact Great Lakes which are mentioned below:

If you are comfortable in talking to their representative then directly call them at

(800) 236-4300.

Another number through which they can be contacted is

(608) 246-1700

Both local and international calls can be made on this. Since every company wants to maintain the quality, your calls may get recorded or monitored for quality purposes.

Timings on which representatives are available are Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Central Time. They have some holiday schedule which could be checked on their website. There are many people that want to contact after business hours as they are themselves busy in those timings. In such cases, you can check out about self help resources on their website page.

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Another way to get Great lakes student loans customer service is by emailing great lakes. If you have time and can wait for their responses then you can email them. In case, if there is any urgent matter then calling would be preferred. You will get faster response at calls. While mailing us you will have to fill up a form which requires information like:

• First Name
• Last Name
• Previous Name (Optional)
• Phone Number
• Email Address
• Birth Date
• Your Day of Birth
• Your Year of Birth
• Great Lakes ID/ Social Security Number (last 4 digits of security number are only required)
• Select a Topic (Choose the problem which you want to get answered)

All the information given by you will be kept confidential by them as mentioned in the privacy policy.

The above information is required by them so that they can know who you are and what exactly your problem is. Other number where you can contact is Toll Free: (800) 375-5288.

Another way to contact them is by sending them a fax at Local/International: (608) 246-1608. Here support documentation in context to your query.

General Correspondence of Great Lakes

PO Box 7860
Madison, WI 53707-7860

This address can be used for general correspondence.

Your wait ends here! Great Lake is not only a survival but a gateway towards professional path for students to successfully embed their passion into reality. Great Lakes Student Loans Customer Service.

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