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How To Get A Student Loan? [Everything You Need To Know!]

Steps To Get a Student Loan

How To Get A Student Loan? – Paying for school fee is never easy. Some families and employers pay for it, but everyone is not so fortunate. If you want to come up with more money, you need to know how to get a student loan?

When you are going to borrow for education, you have various options. Make sure you must consider all of them and select that suits your requirement. Keep in mind that the loan you are taking, you have to repay it on someday.

Steps To Get a Student Loan

Steps To Get a Student Loan

Check the eligibility requirements for federal financial aid

In order to get the financial aid from the federal government, you must be the citizen of U.S. national. You also need to enroll at least half-time at an accredited college or university.

Complete your FAFSA

Fill your Free Application for Federal Student Aid during the month of January preceding the school year for which you want to be a student. The FAFSA is an important financial aid form that gives you access to a wide variety of government grants and loans.

Note: You can fill FAFSA online at or download the form from the website and fill it.

Get your Expected Family Contribution

After some days of submission of the FAFSA, you will receive a report that confirms your application and informs you about your EFC.

Calculate the cost of your program

Once you have checked which school you are going or made a list of schools you have selected calculate their costs. Every school will provide the breakup of the cost, so you can easily check the financial aid offices you get the information. Consider the other factors such as housing, meals, books, transport, etc. with the tuition fee.

Compare the estimated cost with your EFC

In many cases, the estimated cost of attending the program of choice is more than your EFC. If you deduct your EFC from the annual cost you will get estimated financial aid required.

Go through the financial aid offers

When the official financial aid comes through from the school you selected read them. In many cases, they represent the maximum amount you will be able to get from the federal government and from the school.

Types of financial aid packages


You need not pay them back, so you can simply be able to accept them. In order to meet the education-related expenses, you can apply them.


The federal loans offered to you are based on your FAFSA. You can choose to accept some or all the money depending on your needs.

Work-study offers

The money earned by working after a certain number of on campus.

Know which types of loans you are accepting

Accepting a student loan means you are responsible for that debt. Take a time and understand how the loans work.

Check all the options available and compare them before accepting a federal loan

Many students graduate from college with a heavy amount of debt and no clear means to pay it. A student loan can be a financial burden that follows you for decades.

Start making payments while you are in school

To minimize your overall debt, start making payment during the school year. You have to manage small interest payments on your loans.

College loans help students to increase their value. The students who receive student loan can pay their debt after entering the job market.

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