Lakeland Financial Corporation Review 2019 [Scam or Legit?]

Lakeland Financial Corporation Review 2019

Lakeland Financial Corporation: The Lakeland Financial Corporation is a bank holding company that was incorporated in 1983. The company has only one major subsidiary named the Lake City Bank.

Through the bank, it provides multiple financial services in northern and central Indiana. It has 50 branches throughout Indiana.

Lakeland Financial Corporation Review 2019

Lakeland Financial Corporation Review 2019

Loans – The Bank provides various loans which consist of commercial and industrial loans for working capital and business expansion, commercial real estate and multi-family residential loans for acquisition and construction of properties, agri-business and agricultural loans for farm equipment and farm building construction, other commercial loans for small businesses, and other consumer loans.

Mortgage – The Bank offers mortgage loans, which it initiates on the secondary market. These loans usually represent mortgage loans that are made to clients who have a long history with the bank and are agreeable to terms on the secondary market. The total loans provided bank as of December 2016, summed up to around 3.5 Billion dollars of which the major part was in commercial loans.

Investment – The bank has multiple investment frontiers and parks its funds in Treasury securities, government agency mortgages, and tax-exempt bonds. The bank’s purchases in the securities portfolio primarily included mortgage-backed securities and tax-exempt bonds.

Deposits – The Company’s primary sources of funds include cash from operations, investment maturities and sales, and deposits. The bank accepts various deposits including saving and interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing demand deposits. It also accepts long term time deposits bearing higher interest.

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Other sources – The bank generates cash flows from brokered deposits, certificate of deposit account registry service (CDARS), repurchase agreements with the federal bank on the short term. The bank also has the ability to borrow funds from the Federal Reserve and the FLHB (Federal Home Loan Bank). The bank deposits at the end of 2016 were around 3.45 billion dollars.

Wealth Management solutions – In recent years the bank has also stepped into wealth management. Lakeland Financial Corporation provides advisory services and booking services through the bank whenever the clients ask for it. The company is aiming at setting up an independent subsidiary for wealth management and finance broking.

Growth – The company has shown consistent growth in the last decade and has almost tripled its stock value. It has a motto of serving the entire state of Indiana and to be recognized as the leader in corporate banking in the state.

Area of operations – The bank operates through over 50 branches in the Indiana state and has plans to expand in the state to maximize reach and also plans to set up independent wealth management departments. Currently, it is the largest bank that is 100% invested in Indiana.



The Lakeland Financial Corporation is a very efficient financial service providing company. It has grown exponentially in the last decade and has a clear motto. It is set to become the biggest financial institution in the state of Indiana and is expected to grow at a similar pace. It has paid consistent dividends through the last decade and is a safe investment in the short as well as long term.

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