My Great Lakes Student Loans Review [Educational Loan Services]

My Great Lakes Student Loans Review: Great lakes is one of the largest servicer company and is in a partnership U.S. Department of education.

It’s work is not to lend money to the borrower on its own but instead their work is an guarantor or servicer and basically revolves around money collection from lenders and provide them to their client student as loan with some very flexible payment plans.

The company provides enough significant knowledge to their borrower about paying back student loans easily, efficiently. They also assist them throughout their loan journey. They work with graduates, parents, students, and lenders for ensuring loan repayment.

My Great Lakes Student Loans Review Educational Loan Services

My Great Lakes Student Loans Review [Educational Loan Services]

Great lakes company also provide services for money lending from private source, but one will get money from federal lending sources are of probability. Great Lakes company provide different loan payment option according to the need of students like, based upon their income or fixed money value for each moth.

Students doesn’t have to rush to any Great Lakes office or any bank, instead they can easily make online payment through mobile or Great Lakes mobile app which is very easy to use and user friendly. An option is also available called auto-pay which benefits students by cutting 0.25% off from interest rate.

There goal is towards,” doing right and changing lives to make them better.” Great Lakes is non profit company. There work is appreciated since 1067 and from them helping students to peruse their education and making their future even more brighter. Till now they have successfully given loans to millions of students, working along with 6k schools, 1,100 lenders and still more to come in their way.

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My Great Lakes Student Loans Review [Educational Loan Services]


1. Payment Option: Every borrower student must know every option provided which could be helpful in case some financial problem strikes or just for better selection.

2. Repayment: Basically this is a fixed planned made by great lakes and could not be modified. What you can do is get a virtual idea of when loan will be paid of according to payments.

3. Knowledge Centre: This link will take students to an overview of every loan related section which is highly important for them and part about which you should know before loan applications.

4. Mobile App: Their mobile app is user friendly, easy to use and in making payments. This app helps students to track information about their loan which they are paying back, new students to have better information about loan and company.

What if one doesn’t have any idea about best payment option which suits them? Don’t worry, great lakes has a solution for this too. It provides tools for help available online. Knowledge centre has some most asked questions about repayment and their solutions displayed on their website.

Student can go through them and clear their doubts, but even after this some queries are still troubling then one can contact great lakes company’s loan expert from Monday to Friday for help.


Yes they are 100% genuine and their is no such record of them doing fraud with any of their clients. They are basically middleman, student applies for federal or private loan and lender will decide student qualifications for lending and interest rate for repaying.

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Great Lakes help student in figuring out best flexible payment option and collects the payment every month from them with provided support and assistance with a superb and experienced team. In this way they work towards student loan and become a giant in their industry.


From their past borrowers and present client is very good. They are very happy and satisfied with the federal services provided to them by Great lakes company. Some minors complaints are also encountered from some of their students borrowers but those problems are quite ignoble one. Those negative reviews mainly focus on some problems regarding payment allocations and loan repayment effective.

Borrowing student must specify how much amount of money he or she need to borrow and which kind of loan repayment option to selected. But if any option is not specified then loan repayment will automatically lie under standard 10 years plan having fixed money payment each month.


• Price flexibility provided by the company:
Different variations on payable loan amount and its monthly rate of interest are available based on several terms.

• Benefits of applying loan through Great lakes:
Anyone in need of student loan could not have better assistance throughout this loaning process than provided by great lakes company which provide wide array of flexible repayment options, technical help etc.

• Long terms:
Usually loan repayment term are in between 10 to 30 years which is quite great. One can modify according to them based on salary they make.

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• Repayment options

To ensure every student feel free in their lives and to minimise their burden:
Many options are available and cannot be modified further. Payment option could be based upon monthly income and based upon that amount of price is choose, standard option includes fixed amount is chosen which student have to pay every month and several other options are available.

• Payment mode provided:
Online payment mode is available for making payment from their home or any other place without rushing to bank etc. Mobile App of Great lakes company is also available through which payment of loans can be made.

Great lakes student loans is a better company amongst it’s competitors for loan borrower student as it has more flexible payment option, online helping tools, auto-payment mode with discount, long term repayment etc.

Every student who is making his or her mind and are in need for student loans must check out their site for every inch of knowledge they need.

My Great Lakes Student Loans Review

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