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National Policy Institute (Everything You Need To You!)

National Policy Institute – Have you ever heard about the National Policy Institute before? If you don’t know what it is or what does it do when you have come at right place.

Some people know about NPI quite well. Basically, it comes as there was no organization that is focusing on the rights of the white community. In this article, you will get to know about the National Policy Institute as well as their activities, founders and so on.

On 7th August 2005, the founder gave a speech and according to him, NPI is guided in its work by the wisdom and vision of the Founders, whose purpose was to establish ‘a more perfect Union’ for the benefit of ‘ourselves and our posterity.

National Policy Institute

National Policy Institute

National Policy Institute abbreviated as NPI, is an independent organization that serves and committed to the heritage, identity, and future of people of living in European descent in the United States and all over the world. It is an alt right, white nationalist, and white supremacist think tank based in Arlington, Virginia at present.

It was founded by a political activist and donor William H. Regnery II in 2005. He was an American heir and turned to a multi-million dollar fortune. The current president of NPI is Richard B. Spencer and its executive director is Evan McLaren. The other founders of NPI were Samuel T. Francis and Louis R. Andrews.

National policy institute has received a lot of supporters as well as critics too. Majority of the US residents are whites and NPI elevates their consciousness, ensure biological and cultural continuity, and protect their civil rights. Thus, NPI primarily works for whites.

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In December 2013, NPI launched a website called Radix Journal which describes itself as “a periodical on culture, race, meta-politics, critical theory, and society. The NPI received a grant from the Pioneer Fund, a racist pseudo-scientific organization.
At once, Southern Poverty Law Centre described NPI as one of the four most influential organizations of academics racists in the country.

It publishes original research on politics, demographics, the environment, history, and society.

NPI also hosts regular events such as conferences at large scale in Washington, DC, and small gathering across the country and Europe.

Through Washington Summit Publishers and Radix, NPI has created important works on identity, culture, society, and race and intelligence. NPI and Richard Spencer are both credited for founding and and are a place to read contents like news and perspective from the Alt-Right.

And the most important thing is that the National Policy Institute is a central and essential part of international alt-right.

Conclusion – National Policy Institute

National Policy Institute is serving people from the last 10 years and at present also, it is working to help whites in every manner. It is consistently working for their benefits.

Contact details for connecting with National Policy institute are given below. Feel free to connect if you wish. Also, if you have any question or want to give any feedback about the article then, please.

Email them at [email protected]

Call them at: (571) 281-8867

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