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Peoples Federal Savings And Loan

Peoples Federal Savings And Loan was founded in 1886 to provide loans to the people of Shelby County. Starting out, the only loans offered were mortgages and savings accounts, but since then they have expanded to provide a variety of services. Headquartered in the Louis Sullivan Building designed in 1917, they have been serving people in Ohio for generations.

Their Marketed Benefits

Their website at (link), is very modern and showcases residential and commercial loans to potential visiting clients.

Peoples Federal Savings And Loan

Peoples Federal Savings And Loan – Peoplesfederalsandl.COM

Construction to Permanent Financing: Once ready with building plans, a contractor, schedule, property deed, and other required documentation, clients can apply for a construction to permanent financing loan with fixed-rate pricing. The funds are fully accessible during the construction period, and the loan only closes once, resulting in reduced costs for the client.

Loan Calculator: Anyone, if interested, has the option to estimate a potential monthly payment for a loan. It’s also able to calculate mortgages, credit card payoffs, and estimate potential savings.

Online Banking: Internet banking is provided to clients free of charge, allowing them to access, view, and transfer funds, as well as email bank representatives. People’s Federal Savings and Loan Association also prides themselves on electronic security, and offers multiple layers of protection for no additional cost.

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Commercial Checking Accounts: Some of the benefits listed on their site include a $4 monthly service charge, $0.15 charge per each paid check, $1 cost per deposit and a compensating credit of $0.20 per $100 depending on the average daily balance.

They are very appealing to both old and new clients and are extremely proud of their heritage, location, and their people. Their President and CEO, Debra A. Guey, says they “do not seek to emulate larger financial institutions, but rather defines itself as a customer-oriented, small community bank with strong relationships.”

Compilation of Reviews Online

For disclosure, all the reviews posted below are from the Bankrate Website and Wallethub Website.

Bankrate gave the People’s Federal Savings and Loans Association a 4 out of 5-star rating for safety and soundness. Wallethub rated the bank at a 3.5 out of 5-star rating. Out of 383 reviews, 15% were 5 stars, 41% were 4 stars, 26% were 3 Stars, 10% were 2 Stars, and 10% were 1 Star.

Final Point – Peoples Federal Savings And Loan

A majority of the 1-star individual reviews cite the absorption of People’s Federal Savings and Loans Association into South State Bank as a catalyst for various problems including double charges, unauthorized withdrawals, and poor customer service. Prior to 2015, reviews seem to be mostly positive.

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