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Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019: Ever thought about how it would have been like for a company which has been consistently in the list of the Fortune 500 companies for more than five times – almost nine times to be exact? If you haven’t we have some details of one such company for you.

The Reinsurance Group of America – Incorporated (NYSE: RGA) – This is a holding company for the purpose of global life and health reinsurance entity based out of Greater St. Louis which lies within the western suburb of Chesterfield, Missouri, United States.

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019

Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019

As of December 31, 2016, Reinsurance Group of America has approximately assets of $53.1 billion and $3.1 trillion of life reinsurance in force and thus, Reinsurance Group of America has grown to become the only international company which focuses primarily on life insurance and health-related reinsurance.

General American Life Insurance Company (GA) former general American Reinsurance – a reinsurance division in 1973 – and this acted as the forerunner to Reinsurance Group of America. GA’s reinsurance division, by 1993, had grown its life reinsurance to $114.7 billion.

General American Company acquired the life reinsurance business which National Reinsurance of Canada offered and it was later renamed to General American Life Reinsurance Company of Canada – thus establishing the first international office. The Canadian business eventually became Reinsurance Group of America Life Reinsurance Company of Canada after the Reinsurance Group of America’s initial public offering (IPO).

Established in 1992 in Missouri, Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA) was initially formed as a holding company for General American Life Insurance Company’s U.S. and Canadian reinsurance businesses. In 1993, Reinsurance Group of America was taken public by IPO on the New York Stock Exchange with General American retaining their 65% share.

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Reinsurance Group of America’s business includes living benefits reinsurance, life reinsurance, group reinsurance, financial solutions, health reinsurance, and facultative underwriting. Reinsurance Group of America also provides selling of bank assurance and offers product development, electronic underwriting, risk management, and client training services.

Currently, the CEO of Reinsurance Group of America is Anna Manning who is also the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Cincinnati Financial Corporation. This firm deals with the sector of financials and it covers the industries of Insurance: Life, Health (stock).

Like it has already been said, the HQ Location of Reinsurance Group of America is at Chesterfield, Mo. The web site of Reinsurance Group of America can be accessed at Reinsurance Group of America has been on the Fortune 500 List for 9 times. The current number of Employees of Reinsurance Group of America is 2,640.

That being said, you can yourself look at the plethora of services that Reinsurance Group of America offers. There is no doubt why this organization is setting up high standards amongst all other firms in the domain of Finance.

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There are values which can be emulated form Reinsurance Group of America, processes which can be implemented across all Finance and Insurance related domains and facilities which can be replicated across many such organizations only for the betterment of the customers.

Reinsurance Group of America is a model organization and we hope it continues to be an inspiration. (Reinsurance Group of America Inc Review 2019)

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