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TAL International Group Inc Review 2019

TAL International Group Inc Review 2019: TAL International Group, Inc. was set up in 1963, marketing in the segments of intermodal freight equipment leasing and naval container management services.

The two operating segments in the company are Equipment Leasing and Equipment Trading. TAL International has 17 offices globally and over 200 third-party container facilities in 40 countries.

TAL International Group Inc Review 2019

TAL International Group Inc Review 2019

The company’s fleet includes over 2 million TEU containers, open tops, flat racks, generator sets, and chassis. In July 2016 the company merged with Triton Container International to form Triton International, the largest container leasing company with a market share of over 25%.

The world’s largest – After the merger in 2016, TAL has become the world’s largest lessor of intermodal containers. It is also the global leader in container sales and boasts a wide variety of container and chassis types.

Spacewise UK containers – Spacewise UK Containers is a fully owned subsidiary of Triton International Ltd. The company is dedicated solely to operations in the UK and specializes in customized containers.

Types of containers – TAL International Group Inc. provides multiple types of containers including dry Freight containers, refrigerated containers, special containers (Oversized and Heavy cargo), chassis (Used for Road transport of containers), tank container (used for Liquids and Chemicals).

Types if Equipment – TAL also provides ship and port equipment used for handling of containers. The company has a dedicated segment dealing with generators required for logistical support to containers.

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Area of operations – TAL International is primarily engaged in leasing and sales of various types of maritime containers. They also provide lease and purchase of allied equipment. They also engage in logistical advice.

Growth – Triton International has grown at a steady pace as the maritime logistics industry has flourished. In 2017 it generated a revenue of 1.2 billion USD. In 2018 it generated a revenue of 1.43 billion. This is a 19% growth in revenues and is a testament to the quality of services offered by the company.

Global Presence – The company has a prominent global presence. It is the world leader in its industry and has offices in over 11 countries. It has the ability to provide services in over 40 countries through these offices. TAL has plans to expand further and the recent merger with Triton in 2016 has given it a stronghold.

Community Awareness – Triton and TAL International Group Inc. are very pro awareness and have taken efforts through CSR activities to spread awareness among global citizens. They have started and funded near Purchase, New York. They are staunch supporters of the organization “Doctors without Borders”. They are also world leaders in spreading awareness about the environmental effects their industry has.


TAL International Group Inc., now known as Triton International, is the world leader in leasing and selling various types of containers used in marine transport. They contribute over 1/4th of the market share in the industry.

They are very committed to maintaining client confidentiality and have been in the market for a very long time. They have been growing steadily and the merger has put them at the top of the logistics industry.

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