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Third Federal Saving And Loan

Third Federal Saving And LoanThird Federal is a bank on which you can believe honestly. The bank gives better value for your hard-earned money, the lower the interest rate on a mortgage, higher saving interest, straightforward products, human-touch customer service etc.

Suppose if you are a real estate agent, you aim is to serve your client and meeting their needs. The same approach Third Federal, by helping the people in fulfilling their dream of homeownership and financial security since 1938.

At Third Federal mortgage lending and focus on offering unique features that help the homebuyers to get the better value of their hard-earned money.

Third Federal Saving And Loan

Third Federal Saving And Loan

Get Products and services offered to homebuyers by Third Federal saving and loan

  1. The lowest rate of interest

The bank knows the smart ways to spend the money so it passes savings to its customers. Third Federal shop around to make sure that always offer the best rates. In fact, a homebuyer is able to find a lower rate than we’ll beat it or pay $1000 to the borrower. All borrowers are offered the same rates of interest.

  1. Committed to increasing saving of the customers

Third Federal is committed to helping the customer to save money. We have $295 closing cost option and $750 first-time homebuyer credit to no mortgage insurance with only 15% down. Mortgage require as little a 5% down without any penalties.

  1. Locking up of rates

A client can lock in a rate at preapproval and can hold it for up to 240 days while he/she shops.

  1. Timely closing guarantee

For primary residence and second home buyers, we can guarantee the closing date for a borrower.

  1. Excellent Service

We never sell our services for our loans, so customers always know who to call. When a customer calls a live representative to talk not a recorded call.

Benefits of Saving Account at Third Federal

Americans dot have a habit of saving, as a result, they put their money in accounts with not-so-great interest rates. At Third Federal, we provide help to the families to get the most out of their savings.

Third Federal operate more efficiently than other financial institutions, one can get a high-yield saving account that pays money at market rates.

If you are getting started with a standard saving account or taking the advantage of our free accounts to increase your retirement benefit. Third Federal is ready to assist you and provide most out of your savings.

  1. Open a CDR

Certificate of Deposit is a great rate with low minimums once can easily start it. It can be opened by calling over phone 1-800-Third-Fed or online via or at any of the full-service branches.

  1. Enjoy your Retirement

Retirement is the period to be enjoyed. We offer three ways to maximize your retirement while minimizing your taxes. You will not find a better place than Third Federal.

  1. Higher interest rates on your Saving Account

Our High-Yield Saving Account pays you highest rate with the choice to open this account like a regular saving account or as an IRA account.

  1. A Great check on accounts

Our High-Yield Checking Account is designed to keep in mind for the customers who want more from their financial institution. We provide the personal service in order to provide higher interest rates after checking accounts.

  1. Saving calculators

Whatever combination of your saving you want to include in your overall saving plan to earn higher returns. By visiting the various plans are available.

Online Banking and Third Federal Saving and loan

Want to use your banking from home or office? It’s a great idea Third-Federal is safe and secure to access account information and transfer money online.

  1. Mobile Bank App

One can manage its finances conveniently and securely. You can download the Mobile Banking app Google Play store.

  1. SMS Banking
  1. You will receive account balance and recent transactions by text. The Set-up is simple as 1-2-3.
  2. Log in and activate the service.
  3. Verify your phone number.
  4. Start text message.
  5. Text Message keywords BAL,LAST,TRANS,HELP,STOP etc.
  1. Online statement of your account

Sign up for Online Statement through Online Banking, it’s free and easy. One can check, download and see the online statement anytime. Third Federal Saving And Loan

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