Third Federal Savings and Loan Reviews [Quick Article]

Third Federal Savings and Loan Reviews

Third Federal Savings and Loan Reviews

Another loaning company in the market, Third Federal, offers their clients good rates for long-term loans. You may ask yourself whether what they say is true. Here are the key details you need to know.

Third Federal Savings and Loan Reviews

Third Federal Savings and Loan Reviews

Upon accessing their site at (link), several account benefits are showcased to the visitors of the website.

Early Approval: Signing up early on Third Federal, even before you find a house you want to invest it, can help you lock your rate even before approval. The early rate lock is a must in a country where rates go up quickly, according to their site information.

Third Federal Mobile App: You can now access their system anytime and anywhere with their phone app. They have noted that convenience, simplicity, and security is their thing.

Low-Cost Rates: They claim that the prices are given are genuine and disclosed without any tricks or hidden markups. Cost rates can be as low as 3.09%.

Special CD Rates: CD stands for Certificate Deposits. They market “great rates with low minimums” where it’s easy to start loaning and buying your desired properties.

Upon looking at their website information, they heavily market the human aspect of trust. They note that they value respect, concern, commitment, excellence, and fun as well.

Seminars on home-buying as well as online resources are made available to clients in order to prepare them for homeownership, two steps ahead from just being able to afford a house. Savings and retirement account options are also available. Their company claims to offer better value for your precious savings as they offer competitive rates compared to others in the industry. Their marketed benefits include:

  • Lower mortgage rates
  • Higher savings yield
  • Simple, straightforward products and apps
  • Relatable and accommodating customer service
  • Compilation of Reviews Online
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For disclosure, all the reviews posted below are from the Bank Rate Website and Top Ten Reviews Website.

Bank Rate gave the company a cumulative grade of 4.2 out of 5 rating. Out of 67 reviews, 51 gave 5 stars, 1 gave the 2-star review, and 12 gave 1 star. The few most recent reviews show that clients from early September to the current date have been happy with their transactions, often quoting the names of the agents they’ve encountered.

The often describe the process as easy, pleasant, and offers good rates. Living up to their claimed values, customers often note how excellent customer service is, which is a plus when garnering clients from all around their service areas.

According to Eli McCormick from Top Ten Reviews, Third Federal does not offer rate lock for their home equity lines. Still, he gave an overall 8.5 out of 10 rating, which is a good review for most banks. It was also stated in his review that they comparatively offer the lowest posted interest rates.

They are reported to the only loan up to $150,000. They are described to offer home equity loans if you put your primary residence as collateral. If your debt-to-loan ratio is higher than what most banks prefer, this company may be more inclined to help you compared to others, though they do prefer you to have lower ratios. Interest rates vary but won’t go above 18%.

Third Federal Savings and Loan Reviews