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TracFone Activation – Step By Step Guide with Images & Videos

TracFone Activation – Tracfone wireless Inc. is the largest virtual MVNO in United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island. It works as a subsidiary of the largest telecommunication company of Mexico known as America Movil. TracFone was established in 1996 at Miami, Florida.

Tracfone Wireless Inc. comes with multiple brands and offers products and services under them. Tracfone users can purchase units in blocks. Units are the airtime provided to the customers as increments. In this article, we have provided the methods to activate your TracFone which you can do without anyone’s help.

TracFone Activation

TracFone Activation – What is Tracfone and how it works?

TracFone or TracFone is simply a prepaid phone that helps its users in getting access to a contract plan without any commitment. It has gained a wide popularity in the recent years. There is no need for any activation or cancellation fees. Moreover, it offers unlimited carryover to the users. With the Tracfone package comes activation card, you can use it as a guideline for activating TracFone.

A customer actually buys minutes in advance. Text messages and web access are measured in the fraction of units. When a user sends a text message, 0.3 units get deducted from the user’s account. Some companies even deduct 0.5 units. For a minute use, 0.5 units are deducted for web access.

How to Activate your TracFone?

Get a TracFone from the official website if you don’t have any compatible phone. In case you have a CDMA phone, unlock it before activating. After getting your new phone and SIM kit, there are three ways to activate service. You can use their website, TracFone my account app or call customer care at 1800-867-7183. It can be done easily if you follow the steps given below.

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When you visit Tracfone site, find and click on “Activate phone” link on the homepage.

The page will ask whether you have a TracFone or have your own smartphone.

If you have a TracFone, click on it and then the in the next page, you have to enter your TracFone IMEI/MEID/Serial Number written on the red activation card that comes with TracFone.

If you don’t have TracFone, you will require a SIM to process further.

Type all the required information regarding your account.

Enter the detail about your phone model.

Now click on the account options to select the appropriate option to get a new number, switch or transferring it from another company.

Purchase the desired prepaid wireless plan for enjoying TracFone service

At last, click on Activate to end the activation process. Your TracFone will be activated within 24 hours and if it doesn’t, call customer care and ask them to activate.

If the above method doesn’t work, you can use the app but as we said, it is better to call customer care. They will solve your problem immediately.

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Conclusion – TracFone Activation

For any kind of help and support, get in touch with us. You can also visit Tracfone site for more support and FAQs. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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