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USSA Routing Number (Everything You Need To Know!)

USSA Routing Number – USSA here refers to United Services Automobile Association. It is a Texas-based Fortune 500 group of companies headquartered at San Antonio.

It provides a wide variety of products and services to serve present as well as past military members and their immediate families. It is a 93-year-old company founded by a group of 25 Army officers.

USAA routing number

What is USAA routing number?

Each financial institutions in the United States have a routing number that is used to identify a financial institution while processing any transactions. Before you go for sending money to another person or any bank, USAA will ask routing number so that your funds reach exactly where you want. It doesn’t matter if you choose electronic funds transfers or by paper checks, routing number will be required in both cases.

Routing number consists of nine digits and can be found in any bank’s negotiable instruments like checks. The routing number of USAA is 314074269 needed in certain situations such as online payment, setting up direct deposits, wire transfer and so on.

Larger banks or credit union operating in multiple states have more than one routing number. Also, some financial institutions have mergers due to which they have several routing numbers. If you are a member of USAA, then there is no need for any other routing number other than we have provided. Because it has one routing number valid for all payments.

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How to Find Your USAA Routing Number Using a Check

If you can’t remember this routing number, take out your check and look at the bottom. There will be three sets of numbers printed on the left-hand side. To find out routing number, choose the first set of numbers containing nine digits. It is the routing number and the next group of digits are your account number and checking number. It is quite easy to locate routing number on checks.

Why don’t you try to visit USSA’s site, you will find routing number immediately. Moreover, you can also contact the support center at 210-531-USAA (8722) or 800-531-USAA.

Federal Reserve Bank needs routing number for processing Fedwire funds transfer. ACH network uses it to perform other activities of financial institutions such as processing direct deposits, online bill and automatic loan payment.

Who developed this routing number system?

If you don’t know why financial institutions have routing numbers, then let’s know the history of routing number. In the year 1910, Americans Bankers Association formed the RTN system. Sometimes routing number most commonly called as routing transit number or ABA routing number. ABA created this system in order to ease the process of clearing checks and transferring funds between banks or credit union.

Routing Numbers are assigned by the official routing number registrar Accuity. Its duty is to manage this RTN system.


I hope you have understood the value of routing number even when it is mainly for financial institutions. Don’t forget to double check the digits or else, your money sip is transacted to the wrong account.

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